What are the risks of purchased items at customs?

What are the risks of purchased items at customs?

1. Risk warning:

For products purchased on behalf of agents, when submitting orders and reviewing them, the system will issue a risk warning for your products. After the goods are sent to our warehouse, our company will recommend a lower-risk mailing method for you based on the product attributes and logistics and transportation experience.

Warm reminder: For some goods, there will inevitably be certain customs risks (such as a small chance of return, confiscation, tax payment, etc.). This risk will be borne by you. Please understand.

2. Declaration related:

For goods purchased on behalf of agents, please refer to the tariff thresholds and logistics and transportation experience of each country to make a reasonable declaration (users can choose to declare the goods independently or make a fuzzy declaration when submitting the package).

Warm reminder: The probability of a package being taxed depends on the frequency of customs spot inspections and the impact of policies. Please refer to the "Tariff Thresholds of Various Countries" for details. Customs-related risks (such as package returns, confiscation, tax payment, etc.) will be borne by you. beg to be excused.

In addition, if your goods are heavy or have a high value, the chances of customs spot inspections will increase. It is recommended that you try to avoid overweight packages or too many similar goods.