The shopping process of DragonDirect purchasing agent

Before you start purchasing on behalf of others, first understand the mainstream domestic purchasing agency websites:

Tmall - integrates a large number of brands and manufacturers to provide merchants and consumers with a one-stop shopping solution. It is a brand mall for merchants to sell directly. Tmall provides 100% authenticity guarantee and returns shopping points. High-quality services are now available. Due to the high threshold for opening a store on Tmall and the complete after-sales service system, the product prices are slightly higher than the market price and the credit is good. For users with higher shopping quality requirements, it is recommended to purchase Tmall products. - It is a retail platform for individual sellers that brings together many individuals or agents. As the name suggests, Taobao has endless treasures. The products here are diverse and the sales prices are low. However, the credibility of the sellers is uneven, and the goods are genuine and fake. It is difficult to distinguish, the after-sales service is weak, and some sellers may increase their reputation by spoofing orders. Therefore, when purchasing products sold by Taobao merchants, you should review them based on whether the store has paid a deposit, the store's reputation level, customer reviews, etc., to avoid causing unnecessary losses.

JD.COM - In the early days, it was a platform specializing in digital appliances. It has now developed into a comprehensive online shopping mall. The sales price of goods is relatively low. At the same time, it adheres to the concept of customer first. The goods sold by are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and licensed nationwide. Joint guarantee, machine-printed invoices, professional distribution and after-sales service. After became a platform, a large number of merchants opened stores on The delivery time and after-sales service efficiency are slightly slower than those of self-operated products. It is recommended to give priority to self-operated products.

Step one, choose products

Go to any shopping website in mainland China to choose your favorite products

Step 2: Submit purchase order

1. Paste the product details page URL in the purchasing search bar, click Search, the system will automatically capture the product information, and then manually select the color, size and other information, submit it to the purchasing shopping cart or purchase directly.

2. Settlement of product fees and domestic postage, click Submit, and generate a purchasing order.

The third step, DragonDirect reviews the order and orders

After you submit the order and pay successfully, we usually review the order within 3-5 working hours. After passing the review, we will order for you and wait for the merchant to ship. The domestic logistics cycle is generally about 3-5 days.

Step 4: DragonDirect signs for inspection and storage

After the product arrives, it will be inspected and weighed for you, and it will be put into storage after it is correct. It usually takes about one working day to complete. When the status of the product shows "Into Warehouse", you can click "Submit Package" at any time for shipping abroad.

Step 5: Submit for shipping abroad

Enter "User Center" - "My Warehouse" to submit the parcel waybill, fill in the receiving address, select the logistics method, settle international freight service fees, customs declaration fees and other related fees, if there are any requirements for unpacking, reinforcement, removal of labels, etc. You can also check the corresponding services and we will package and ship according to your requirements.

Step 6: DragonDirect outbound, packaged and shipped

Step 7, confirm receipt

After receiving the package, go to the "User Center" - "My Package" page to "confirm receipt" and evaluate the purchasing experience to end the purchasing.

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