Package transshipment inspection rules

Package transshipment inspection rules

Signing and inspection rules:

1. When signing for a package, if it is found that the outer packaging is seriously damaged or the goods do not meet the receipt requirements, the warehouse staff will directly refuse or return the package.

2. If your package meets the signature requirements, after receiving the goods, the warehouse will unpack all packages to check for contraband, and then weigh them and put them into storage.

3. If it is found that your goods do not meet the requirements for transportation and air transportation, we will put a special mark on the relevant order to remind you to negotiate the return.

4. If you have not found the warehouse’s receipt information within a reasonable domestic delivery time (generally domestic delivery cycle is 3-5 days), please contact your sender/domestic logistics company or website customer service Personnel confirms the status of the goods.

Inspection and warehousing instructions

We will check and inspect the quantity, color, size and other specifications of the goods. After the inspection is completed, the original express box will be removed and the goods will be packaged in DragonDirect ziplock bags and arranged for storage. (It is fragile and easily broken. The express box is used as a packaging box for goods, and oversized goods must be thrown away in the original box. The specific situation is subject to actual operation)


a. Color difference, size error, usage effect, etc. are not within the scope of inspection;

b. The quality, model, spare parts, etc. of highly professional products such as electrical appliances, digital products, and peripheral products are not within the scope of inspection;

c. For "CD" and "figures" and "adult products" products, the inspection rules for such products that are sealed and packaged and have sealing labels or sealing strips are unopened and only the appearance can be inspected. Whether it is damaged or not, internal parts details or functional issues cannot be specifically verified;